Head Boy of the Joint Sixth

After the date for the votes for Head Boy got released today, I think it’s time to publicly announce that I’m planning on running for this position. I’m not going to release to many details about plans for the manifesto just yet, as I still need to ascertain the amount of influence I would actually have in this position, however I do believe I will be able to represent not only the school but also the values the school holds close, such as caring, openness and a drive to succeed.

Furthermore, I plan on creating a dedicated team of people who can assist in making the changes you want to see in the school, a team which extends beyond the Heads and Deputy Heads. If you are interested in being a part of that team, please feel free to contact me at school, on Facebook or even by e-mail.

More information will be coming out soon, but for now I hope you will consider me to be a representative of the school, as that would truly be an honour.