Why I’m for staying in the EU

Most of you are probably sick about hearing the European Union and whether Britain should stay in it, so I’m just going to get straight to the point, the fact is we can’t really predict what how it will play out until it’s happened, however I still believe it would be in our interests to stay in.

It’s a shame to see that geometric conceit still exists in Britain, the belief that we are a much more formidable world power than we really are. I’m not saying that I’m not ashamed to be British and that every other country is better than ours, but we need to accept that we don’t have the power we once had, and alone our voice is not as strong as it once was. If we want to be included in the changing world we need remain in, and not move to the sidelines. As David Cameron said, “If we weren’t in there helping write the rules they would be written without us – the biggest supporter of open markets and free trade – and we wouldn’t like the outcome.” I don’t usually agree with what he has to say, but this I can agree with.

However, Britain’s position in the world isn’t the most important reason for me. I fear that by losing our ties with Europe our culture and society will become isolated, which could possibly lead to an increase in xenophobia, and I believe that Britain would be weakened by that. I recently received a letter from a group supporting the “Brexit”, talking about the EU having further political unity like it was something we should avoid. I believe that stronger political unity will not only benefit others, but our own country as well.

Furthermore, whilst we benefit from the EU, the EU benefits from us, the fifth largest economy in the world. Countries that are suffering economic hardships within the EU are able to get back on their feet and recover thanks to countries like ours supporting the EU, and now there’s the possibility of us turning our back on them. This decision isn’t just about us, but will affect many others as well. I urge you to consider this when deciding which way to vote.


Author: isaacsc32

18, former student, currently volunteering for VSO ICS, occasional writer, for blog updates follow me on twitter @isaac_sc32

2 thoughts on “Why I’m for staying in the EU”

  1. Isn’t geometric conceit the belief that we should focus our efforts in Europe, the USA and the Empire? So how is it possible that this still exists in the UK when the empire doesn’t even exist anymore?


    1. I was under the impression that geometric conceit was a more general term for the way we overestimate our position in the world, although I’ll check it out and adjust accordingly, thanks for pointing it out


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