The One That Got Away

It was the Summer of 2010, I was still a young pupil in the last year primary school and I had known her since Year 3. We would talk sometimes and we had a good laugh, yet I never really thought anything of it until we got thrown together in that last term that would really cement our friendship for years to come. I didn’t feel ready at the time but I knew that this was my only chance to make my primary years something worth remembering, so I went for it, played the cool character and tried to act confident. Looking back, my efforts would be laughable, but somehow it worked, and I was glad to see the feelings were mutual. It surprised me and everyone else, but we just worked so well together that I still hold it as one of the happiest moments in my life.

She moved to Hull after the Summer holidays, but I didn’t mind travelling. I would visit her every Saturday during the term, and I met some of her friends and they were all really great, fun, crazy people that I felt like I could be myself around. As time went my confidence grew, thanks to her, and it made the transition to secondary school smoother. It turns out that when you’re put into a situation when you have to get to know new people and make new friends, making friends can become a hell of a lot easier, or at least it was in my case. We had a great time together for many years since we first met, especially in the Summer two years after, and we spent all our time out in Hull with our newly found friends, the friends I didn’t get to spend time at school with, in the fields of Hymers with the sun shining bright and warm, catching sites of the various mischievous behaviours of the local wildlife.

It had never gotten serious, yet the constant travelling between my home and Hull was becoming too much. Thankfully I could still see her in my own town, yet it had to be in the evenings after school, and now I couldn’t see her in Hull on Saturdays and that had to be moved to after school as well. I was perfectly fine spending three evenings a week seeing her, until I started my GCSEs. As the workload increased our relationship was strained, and I couldn’t see her, or her friends, in Hull for very much longer. Eventually I had to give it up, but I could still see her where I lived, and we still managed to hold our relationship. Then the A-levels started, and that was the real killer. I couldn’t give up two evenings a week because I felt like I couldn’t handle it.

I could not have been more wrong.

I’m not sure whether it was not seeing her any more or whether other factors are involved, but since leaving her I’ve noticed that I was much better off with her, and I shouldn’t have let her go. Her name is Drama and, if you meet her and you think you like her, then don’t hold yourself back, because she’s great to be around and she will light up your life in ways that you can’t imagine, or at least she did for me. However, this story is not finished yet, and I still have a chance to see her again in Hull after nearly a year, and even though I’m going to be going through exams, I don’t think one evening a week is too much to give up for someone that’s more than worth it. Drama, I hope we meet again very soon.


Author: isaacsc32

18, former student, currently volunteering for VSO ICS, occasional writer, for blog updates follow me on twitter @isaac_sc32

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